As a parent of a teenager this program is of paramount importance to me.

As parents we strive hard not to deprive our children of anything their heart desires. From iPads to laptops, to the latest and greatest version of the iPhone, they name it and we grant it, the wish list goes on an on.

Recently, a fellow father told me, “I asked my daughter, what do I have to do” To want you to stay home.?” He had built game rooms and home theaters and music rooms. My response was; “it doesn’t matter how many fun rooms you’ve built, the problem is, you are in the house.”

The dad was young and hip, but he was still the dad. What the kids are looking for is a lack of supervision, not fun and games. Perhaps your child is different and I hope you’re right, but what I’ve experienced through my own eyes and ears, has left me discomfited.

Fellow parents we have a major problem on our hands, the drug epidemic is gobbling up our precious children. More children are dying from drugs than casualties in the Vietnam war!

If you find yourself saying thing like, “my child is so spoiled or these kids today are so spoiled, please stop.

We are the ones that spoiled them. We are the ones, that threw them elaborate birthday parties, purchased them the expensive electronics and caved in to all of their demands. Maybe we felt a need to keep up with the neighbors, or maybe we have a guilty conscience if our children were victims from a divorce. Whatever the cause may be, there is a lack of leadership in our children’s lives.

I will do my best to mentor the children prior to every class. It’s a promise I can’t make, but I will use my education as a teacher, the little experience I have as a father, and the tremendous experience I have as a street fighter who battled the odds and rose to the top to teach our children right from wrong and particularly to show respect!!!

I must precaution you, there will be times that I will come down on them with a force of a military commander. If this is not acceptable to you, do not enroll your children in this program. When it became evident our children stand a better shot of surviving a war than the drug epidemic, the party was over for me.

Danny Boronico

B.A. Health Education