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Press – Looking for fitness experts who can debunk common gym habits

As I celebrate 40 years in the fitness industry, I will tell you that I was always troubled watching members miss using their time in the gym.
Now for many of them, they simply lacked the ambition to get in shape and the health club was just an outlet for them.  I get that, but for many of them they actually thought they were getting in shape, but they weren’t.
The biggest problem was always the lack of good form. Form is everything. If you do not isolate the muscle that you are working, you never will get the optimal benefit of the exercise.
Here are some examples:
1. Swinging your body back and forth while doing barbell curls
2. Lat pulldowns with an erect posture
3. Tricep dumbbell extensions with your elbow shoulder height
4.  The big one is when the member exists a piece of cardio equipment and their skin is bone dry
In a fitness facility I owned in New York back in the ninetys called Bell Plaza Health Club, I couldn’t bare to watch so many members wasting their time doing the exercises incorrectly as the personal trainers stood by and did nothing because it was not their client. I decided to hire Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson who had just won the Masters that year. I told Chris I would pay him on behalf of all members.  Chris made sure that all of my 2000 plus members worked out correctly.
Danny Boronico
Athenas Fight Club LLC