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Latest Press for Athenas Fight Club

Danny Boronico, owner of Athena Fight Club in Boca Raton, Florida, has been around the fitness industry for close to 30 plus years, also owning one of the most successful independent gyms, Bell Plaza Health Club in Queens, NY.

So what could possibly be left for Danny to accomplish? Knocking out depression, anxiety and stress one punch at at time is an answer you might get, or he may give some literature to read with his book No More Bad Days. Athena’s gym is a women’s and children’s gym that offers 3 segmented courses, first starting off with 15-minute mind motivation blocks before moving on to the physical fitness portion of the workout.

Below, Danny speaks on what inspired him to create the new but needed fitness platform:

I was once invited to an AA meeting by a friend, I initially declined but then decided to join him. After leaving the meeting it opened my eye to how many people truly needed the space to release themselves from anxiety stress, depression and more so, why not integrate into fitness.

Danny also knows from a personal standpoint, having battled some parts of depression in the in-between period of the success of his two health clubs; he experienced a few seasons in life which led him to a dried up bank account, trying to figure out what’s next.

Knowing what it is like to be in that mental space, and with time and being tested, Danny has found that women are more responsive to his method, which is why Athena Gym caters to women knowing they will leave the environment less stressed and equipped to defend themselves by learning real boxing skills.

Check out more info about the gym here.