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How to grieve when you can’t take time off

No more bad days: subtitle “Defeating the imaginary bullies inside your mind” by Danny Boronico
That’s my quote from a new audio book I just released.
Regardless of the magnitude of a painful thought, at the end of the day it is just a thought. That may seem callous when it comes to grieving and I in no way shape or form would ever minimize a person’s sorrow.
That being said, we still need a coping mechanism to deal with the pain.
When it comes to grieving, every body grieves in there own way. Some people may chose to wear black till their dying day. Others choose to black out the incident entirely because they can not cope with the pain.
In any case how does one console themselves, when there is know one there to do it for them?
I use mirror therapy with my clients.
I let them know that they have a choice to see one of two people in the mirror.
One person is your worst enemy and they will try and convince you that the world is a deep dark place with no hope.
The other person is your best friend that will truly console you and let you know that even though the sky is dark today, tomorrow will bring sunshine.
The grieving person then becomes cognizant of who they choose to see in the mirror and makes a conscience decision to steer their mind towards happiness.
Danny Boronico
Author and Health educator