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How to Build an Inexpensive Home Gym

I’d like to thank Massage Magazine for calling upon my fitness expertise I’m always happy to help.
Having over 40 years experience in the fitness industry and owning and operating a 3 story health club in N.Y.C. that was attached to a sports rehabilitation center that I founded, I feel I learned quite a bit over the years.
Let’s start with why I had to attach a physical therapy center to my health club. The reason was my members would constantly get injured.  When you are young, you tend to feel indestructible and you push your body beyond its limits.
I was guilty of doing the same thing and today at age 59 I am paying the consequences, from my knees my ankles my back my shoulders, sometimes I feel like the Tin man after he’s been left out in the rain.
I recently founded a new fitness facility, it is called Athenas Fight Club.  It is primarily a boxing club for women and children with a strong mind, body and soul component to it.
As for the body sculpting aspect of it, all you will see is a yoga mat and resistance bands.
You can do the same workout in your home. The band’s and yoga mat you could purchase together for way less than $100.00.
I absolutely fell in love with band training. You get to shape your body simultaneously as you stretch.  The therapeutic aspects involved are second to none. Joint aches will begin to dissipate, tendonitis will subside, your lower back with strengthen all while you body is taking shape.
You tube resistance band workouts and learn how to do them. They are fun and easy and feel great as you’re using them. Do not take any breaks in between, just super set and alternate the muscles.
Finish up 3 sets of leg raises, as many as you could do.
Stay fit and love life.
Danny Boronico
Author of ebook
No more bad days
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