Boca Raton Womens Gym
Boca Raton Womens Gym

Boca Raton Womens Gym

If you are looking for a Boca Raton Womens Gym, why choose Athenas Fight Club?

Building strength, endurance and mental balance for a healthier tomorrow. Over forty years ago, I started a passionate career in the health and fitness field. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the Health Education and haven’t looked back. One of Athenas core philosophies is to sharpen your mind and embrace your inner strength while delivering an empowering workout program at a discounted price for a Boca Raton Womens Gym.

Boca Raton Womens Gyms

We deliver a studio fitness boutique style atmosphere without the premium price tag and long membership contracts. Once you are an Athenas Fight Club member you pay a monthly membership fee of ninety-nine dollars. There are absolutely no contracts and you can cancel your membership at anytime once you have given us a 30 day notice. We are waiving the membership fee for the first 100 members to join, in addition you will receive over $100 worth of boxing accessories for free. Set of boxing gloves, hand wraps, mouthpiece, Athenas Fight Club T-Shirt, plus a carrying bag. So don’t wait!

Before you go to your first class you will attend a boxing orientation that gives you a brief overview of the program while covering the basics and what you can expect. At Athena’s a Boca Raton Womens Gym we use the MIND, BODY, SOUL approach. Each one hour class will consist of a variety of activities all designed to improve your mental and physical proficiency. The first 15 minutes of your session begins with wrap / rap where we teach you how to wrap your hands while rapping about your feelings. Speaking openly about any stress, anxiety or depression will cause a huge release of feelings allowing for an improved mental approach to your workout and life in general. The second 15 minutes of the session is dedicated completely to resistance band training. This new trend has proven to be extremely beneficial where you learn therapeutic techniques that stretches your body and delivers a relaxing benefit simultaneously. The last 30 minutes of your training session is seven 3 minutes rounds of high intensity training hitting water filled bags. 

Each class you attend after the first one will introduce you to more advanced boxing techniques and methods.

Your gym and the general atmosphere was specifically designed to create an ambiance that is inspirational with a modern twist. You will be hard pressed to find a better Boca Raton Womens Gym. What makes our experience different from a typical Boca Raton Womens Gym? The owner of Athenas Fight Club, Dan Boronico founded and created a national chain (Boca Tanning Club) that exploded in the 90s. We use the same core principles of providing a unique experience at a boutique gym with a massively discounted price.

We are nothing like a traditional Boca Raton Womens Gym, an Athenas Fight Club membership gives you the support and tools you need to achieve your fitness goals and sets the bar for a healthy future with a sharper mental edge. Attain better mental health and superior fitness while learning or advancing your boxing regiment.

During your membership at Athenas Fight Club you will become stronger mentally, spiritually and physically. You will notice increases in stamina, flexibility, self-defense and the best part is you can take as many classes you would like each month. Many newer boxing and kickboxing facilities limit the amount of classes you can attend each month and charge more than our greatly discounted pricing plan. You train at your own level, so you can attend whatever boxing sessions you would like from lower intensity to the higher platforms like sparring.

Boca Raton Womens Gym

All new classes at this Boca Raton Womens Gym are unparalleled  and provide many benefits.


High intensity training that touches on all aspects of boxing fitness including cardio, speed, power, flexibility, strength, agility and coordination.


Every class attended includes the high intensity hands on boxing training that fuses coordination, strength, cardio, and balance in a traditional boxing format.


Don’t be confused by the lower intensity portion of the class. Resistance band training improves flexibility, strength and basic movements that emphasize the arms, core, and legs.


Common stretches for athletes to create better stability and a stronger core.


Improve your stability for all around better fitness health.


The single largest factor that is missing from almost all physical fitness training is the mental aspect. At Athenas Fight Club a Boca Raton Womens Gym we strongly disagree with this position and do a complete 180 degree reversal. That is why every training session will start with your mind.

Boca Raton Womens Gym

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