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At-Home Workouts for Women

Thank you Livestrong for calling upon my expertise in the fitness industry, I am always happy to help.
I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for 40 years. I’ve owned and operated my own successful health club for many years and managed renowned health clubs such as Ballys and Gold’s gym.
I recently founded a new fitness center for women, it can be viewed at
Athenas Fight Club is primarily a boxing facility for women. We also have a program for children. We are unique in the sense that it is truly a mind, body and soul facility.
Getting to home workouts for women, I only wish I knew in the past what I know now.
Exactly what we use for Athenas Fight Club during our body sculpting class is all you will ever need to get in shape.
Purchase an inexpensive yoga mat, one that you could roll up and place a rubber band around it and tuck it away. Then by a box of resistance bands. They normally come 3 in a box and they are color coded. The colors represent light, medium and heavy resistance.
Then go on YouTube and search resistance band workouts.
You will not only be able to have an entire body workout in 15 minutes, you will simultaneously be stretching, body sculpting and performing therapy on your ligament and joints.
In order to get a good cardio workout from this, never stop to rest. Constantly superset by alternating muscle groups. For example: soon as you finish curling go immediately into tricep extensions then go back to curls.
Finish up by lying on the mat with your hands tucked under your buttocks and do 3 sets of stiff leg raises. Max out each set to failure.
You will feel great in a matter of days.
Best of luck to everyone and stay healthy.
Danny Boronico
Author ebook. No more bad days.