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15 Things To NEVER Do At the Gym

As a forty year veteran of the fitness industry, I believe I witnessed every form of misconduct that you could imagine.
I’m Dan Boronico. I started my fitness career at the age of 22 managing Diamonds Gym in Flushing New York back in 1982.
I later went to work for Bally’s health clubs, at the time they were referred to as Jack La Lanne.
After having consulted for Gold’s gym, I decided to open my own health club called Bell Plaza in Bayside N.Y.  It was a 3 story facility that had close to a 30 year run.
I recently founded Athenas Fight Club for women. Athenas Fight Club is a boutique boxing facility that caters to the mind body and soul. It is located in Boca Raton Florida.
Here are my top 15 picks for improper gym etiquette:
 1. Refusing to show your gym I.D.
     at the front counter
 2.  Moaning and groaning
 3.  Using foul language
 4.  Not returning the weights and
      other equipment to the proper
 5.  Looking to engage people
      during their work outs
 6.  Staring at members
 7.  Body odor is a big gym offense
 8.  Not wiping off your perspiration
      from the equipment
 9.  Coughing and sneezing
10. Refusing to leave at closing.
11. Arguing with an employee over
12. Super setting while others are
       waiting for the equipment
13.  Slamming the weights
14.  Sneaking in a guest
15.  Acting like a total A hole
Danny Boronico
Health educator
Author No More Bad Days