Become a Warrior not a Worrier

At Athena’s Fight Club you will learn how to box and knock out stress one punch at a time!


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Try Athena’s Fight Club for 1 Free Trial Class when you sign up for our free pass online.

Book a class and choose “Free Trial Class” at checkout. Classes must be schedule atleast 24 hours in advance.

We will provide you with boxing gloves and hand wraps.

Children (Ages 10-17) FREE

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Women's Pass FREE

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How it works

Once you become a member you pay a monthly membership fee of $99.

There are no contracts and you may cancel at anytime once you’ve given us a 30 day notice.

You simply send us an email to

Kids & Teens Boxing Summer Boot Camp

Athena’s Fight Club in Boca Raton July 8th-August 9th

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one time $69


Set of boxing gloves hand wraps and mouthpiece Athenas Fight Club T-Shirt + carrying bag. Join Now

Please note: The value of these items are in excess of $69, but for sanitary reasons, it is important to have your own personal items.

Should you decide to cancel your membership and restart it, you will have to rejoin at whatever the membership fee is at that time and it will not include the items that were provided to your first membership.

Full time female students $69 per month

(Student I.D. required)

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Children ages 13-17 $49 per month

(Weekends only)

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Class Scheduling

Will be divided into 3 groups.

Adult Classes

Children Classes (ages 13-17)

Please note:  Females over the age of 17 may join the adult program at a discounted rate. Currently there are no classes offered for males ages 18 and over.